Friday, February 22, 2013

Harong Ni Charing team building experience

Another successful team building at Harong ni Charing @ Pansol, Laguna

Haring ni Charing's entrance to the poolside and rest house.. Yes you've read it right REST HOUSE..

And this is what amazed us..It's like we're in a peaceful house of a friend!And take note: it's very clean and cozy!

We paid for 5,000 for an overnight stay. 
We used 2 rooms (1 air conditioned and 2 fan rooms)
3 bathrooms
with unlimited access to videoke
additional amenity: Fridge
And hey can lend you cook wares but make sure you will take it back,,hahah
no corkage fee!

Kidney shaped pool..

The place has lots of different beautiful antique collections!

Kitchen area is a bit small for people who loves to cook especially if you have tons of friends who can
I give it 3/5 ..

Just woke up after a night's videoke concert!haha!

Sweet lovin' in the house..yiheee..

Actually there's a lot of pictures taken on that day but memories will be the strongest and never will be erased..

Sa uulitin..on our way back home to MANILA.. :(

Til next time! :)
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