Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Rain..

This is what I do when chillin' my self out. Started to listen to these kinds of music when i was 12 years old (year 1998) when I got included in a band. Bandmates include a 30 years old drummer, 27 years old guitarist, and an eighteen years old bassist who also happen to be my back up vocalist whenever we go to events. 1999 when we got disbanded due to "elderly fights".Anyway so much for that..I can write more of my "band days" stories.

No stress
No worries

Here's No Rain by Blind Melon

Reality Bites

First time I saw you were walkin' down the beach that night
With the waves bowing down to you in a moon sweet light
Well it must have been a signal from up above
But deep in my heart I knew
That it was..No can't do.. :(