Friday, September 21, 2012

Screen Grabber??na-a..he is DOMO!

DOMO..who are you???

Who are you DOMO? I'm just really curious why are you so famous??
Well as I have researched (Yes I researched it!hahahaha), Domo is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station.
Domo first appeared in short stop-motion sketches on December 22, 1998 to mark the 10th anniversary of NHK's satellite broadcasting. The name "Domo" was acquired during the second episode of his show in which a TV announcer said, "dōmo, konnichiwa(どうも、こんにちは?), which is a greeting that can be translated as, "Well, hello there!", but which can also be interpreted as "Hello, Domo"

Ahh..Finally! i can sleep well..ZzzzZzzz..LOL

The Regular Show which is not so regular at all..hahaha

So crazy about the "Regular Show" at Cartoon Network! A "Regular Show" is not a regular show as how you think it is. This show will turn your regular show to COOL ONES..hahaha better watch it's never too late though.

     From Left to Right: Mordecai, Benson, Rigby,  Pops Maellard , Skips and Mitch the Muscle man

        Maybe you're wondering why I always talk about these "kids stuff" in my blog. Well, for me it's more fun to watch these stuff rather than watching nonsensical ideas on TV and the thing is I'm able to enjoy watching it with my kids. "Children play to learn and us Parents Learn to play". :D