Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Big Preparation..

Been busy for the past few weeks of my life (and will be busy for the next couple of months!) since my friend asked me to be the general organizer of his wedding..( Oh my!! )

I told him that I can't and won't do it alone ( ano ko si Superwoman?! ) and anyway, I do not have any experiences yet on arranging things on a very special day but all I have are just ideas and some twist of creativity for some things (especially if I'm pushed by someone)hahaha.. So yun, I asked in return for him to build a team of "Wedding Organizers" (kuno..hahaha) composed of friends and relatives so we can do brainstorming sessions to make the event very special..

And some wedding ideas popped out of our minds like the motif wedding invitation designs,reception designs and the pre-nuptial photoshoot.. haaay (such a headache..buti na lang I'm done with this..)

so far Olive green and Orange daw and motif.. a big mix and match for the designs..aarghh!

                       And one thing I'm eyeing for a bit of inspiration is Mr. and Mrs. Victtorio Sotto..
Look how Kristine flaunt her wedding dress.. :)

Looking for photos like this in our photoshoot.. hmmmmm

Yan and pre-nuptial photoshoot..

more to come!.