Thursday, February 14, 2013

A fresh start

Now a days, my husband and I were grabbing some time to kick ourselves back in shape (not really the way it is) but we would like to pay attention to our health now since they say that "Lahat ng ginawa mo nung bata- bata ka pa ay pagbabayaran mo pag edad trenta (30 y/o)".. eh since we do a lot of drinking sessions every weekends and due a lot of eating eto na nga, we need to do this..and it feels good naman kc especially when I get back to work after my well spent rest day..sarap pagpawisan..

 Photo taken Feb 06,2013

Feb 06,2013- On the go!!

 starting the day right!

 on our way home..

need to lose wait 

 photo taken 02/14/2013-6:30 AM (blinded by the ray of light)


No worries, I'll be doing more blogs regarding this since we will be doing this as a routine now.. Will be including steps soon and see for better results..

Isabay nga ba ang diet sa FASTING? If that will benefit you why not do it?!